Our CoolSculpting® University Trained Team

Dr. Matthew A. Glenn, D. O.

Board Certified Physician


Dr. Matthew Glenn, D.O. has more than 20 years practicing emergency medicine as a medical director of a trauma center level IV. He is a CoolSculpting® University trained and certified physician and a CoolSculpting preferred provider and the owner of CoolBodySculpting® of Cranberry.

Angela Crist

CoolSculpting® Specialist


Angela is a CoolSculpting® University trained and certified with more than four years of CoolSculpting® experience and is a licensed esthetician and cosmetologist. Angela holds certifications as a laser technician and medical esthetician. Angela has completed certifications in dermal artistry, laser safety, skin needling, Microstroking and Microblading, Bloodborne Pathogen, 3D Tattooing, and Scar Camouflaging. Angela is a member of the League of Permanent Cosmetic Providers. She trained at the Beau Institute of Permanent and Corrective Cosmetics.

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